Monday, July 30, 2018

Book Review :: Small Steps to Great Parenting: An Essential Guide for Busy Families

As a mom of four kids, a wife, and taking online classes, it's safe to say I stay busy... sometimes too busy. It can be hard to find time to make sure each kid gets what they need from you. Right when I needed it, I was offered to review to this book.

I really found this book helpful in dealing with my kids, especially since I do have one that is very sensitive, and I have to approach things with him differently. With four kids, it can sometimes be easy to not worry about others needing attention when they don't ask for it. But, this helped me realized that may need that attention and be asking for it in different ways. I need to be more aware of their body language and facial expressions, not just their words. 

I love the examples given in the book about encouraging good behavior without shaming them. I plan to try them and hope to help build them up positively, without the shame. This book covers a lot of good techniques with how to handle things in a positive way so that our kids grow and learn to handle problems well into adulthood. 

I'm halfway through (hard to find time to read), but I appreciate this book so much and the advice I am getting from it for me and my kids. Definitely a book worth reading for any parent, or anyone that works with kids!

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