Saturday, January 8, 2011

Blog Tips :: Links

  • When doing a giveaway and having entry requirements like "follow so and so on Facebook" or "visit so and so's site and…" PLEASE provide a link to those areas that your readers need to visit. It's very annoying when the post says "visit_____ website and tell me another product you would like" but there is NO LINK to this site. Same for twitter, Facebook, and anything else that requires the reader to leave the post.
  • Speaking of giveaways, when providing links for your readers in your entries, have them open in a new tab/window when clicked. Even if they are just leaving to like someone on Facebook for your giveaway. We are lazy animals and clicking that back button multiple times tends to annoy us, haha.
  • When you put a link into a post, always put the links at the bottom after the content. When you put a link in mid post, you are inviting the reader to leave your site. You should also have these links opening in a new tab/window so if your reader gets distracted and wanders, your post is still open in another tab/window to invite them back.
  • While opening links in a new window is a good idea when linking to someplace off of your site and a some other exception, opening ALL links in a new window is a very bad idea. This was mentioned before that was a deal breaker for most. Some blogs have every link opening to a new window including the links in their menu tabs. (The tabs used to navigate the site, like "About Me", "giveaways", "Contact me", etc.) It's too much of a hassle and will make readers leave fast.

Tips from MommyDsKitchen (now closed).